Series 1 Eureka Hard Floor Off Road Camper Trailer from $39990

  • Proudly made in W.A.
  • This hard floor camper can be flipped over easily by one person!
  • This Camper is made for those people who want Camping to be part of their Lifestyle!
  • Independent coil spring suspension with 2 Tonne rated Axles
  • Huge, stylish alloy front box with side entry
  • Full off-road capability and completely dust sealed
  • 2 year warranty on the chassis and bodywork. 5 year warranty on the Canvas from Wax Converters Textile (Australian made)
  • GST and Licensing included

What makes this series 1 Model Eureka Hard Floor Off Road Camper Trailer different to the series 2?

It has all the features and specs of the series 2 Eureka Hard Floor Off Road Camper but with the added specs and design changes listed below-

  • The front box on the drawbar is a completely different design for those people wanting access from the side to take a fridge and pantry on runners.
  • Can fit a big 60L Engel Fridge/Freezer to slide out on heavy duty runners
  • A Huge 2x Drawer slide out pantry next to fridge and slide out kitchen.
  • Huge amount of space on the driver side to take jerry cans, annexe, etc., etc.
  • 12v fan and filter to ventilate fridge compartment.
  • Extra roof rack on front box to take firewood or annexe.
  • 2 Tonne axles for the camper to take heavier loads.
  • Battery mounted at the rear of camper.
  • Instantaneous Gas Hot Water System
  • This camper is designed to take the heavy duty flip over gas strutted boat loader at a later stage if needed.
  • GST and 12 months License Included
  • 2-5 year Warranty supplied by Camper Trailers WA Pty Ltd (the manufacturer in WA for 25 years)
  • Help support Tradesman in our Local Manufacturing Industry, as we use only the Best!
  • On Display in our shop in Balcatta