Discovery Camping Tours March-May 2018, 2 nights, 3 days, 2-3 hours from Perth. No Charge to our customers and friends.

Camping along the Indian Ocean Drive, just 2-3 hours North of Perth.

Dates available - 9th-11th March, 23rd-25th March, 6th-8th April, 4th-6th May 

Welcome fellow campers to our Blog where i am inviting you to join us on a spectacular drive, discovering great camping spots along the way. The philosophy behind my camping trips is quite simple. To get away from crowds, cars, towns, and caravan parks, exploring the coastal settings, great National Parks, camping in tranquil bush settings. We need to be “Independent Campers” taking along all our own camping equipment, campers, tents, food and water.  To make it simple, easy, and memorable, with lots of fun. You will have lots of questions for me so just reply in the comments box at the bottom of this page. I am happy to organize a information night if requested? Thank you.

This Blog is for all those interested people to make comments or want to Tag A Long.

Here is my daft Itinerary with a detailed one to be emailed out to those campers who want to Tag A Long?

Friday: Depart shop 9am stopping at Wedge Island, Hangover Bay (Opposite the Pinnacles to have Lunch), Make camp at Tuart Reserve ( a very nice Bush setting away from the Towns). We can change this to Sandy Cape campsite for friends with young kids. Friends to gather around the Campfire for a traditional Aussie BBQ.

Saturday: Break Camp 9am. Visit Lesueur National Park with a 1 hr leisurely stroll up to Mount Lesueur, 1 hr trek to Stockyard Gully Cave National Park (Lunch), make camp at Lake Indoon with plenty of time to explore the lake.

Sunday: Break camp Lake Indoon 9am. Stop for a swim at the breathtaking beaches of Greenhead. Lunch at the Bakery of Jurien Bay and then head for home.

NOTE: We can visit Nambung National Park if most people in the group have not seen the Pinnacles. A tour of the Rock Lobster Shack at Cervantes is a possible for those people interested, (maybe purchase a Rock Lobster for our first meal around the Campfire?). It maybe of interest because it is an Industry that is so important to the prosperity of the local town of Cervantes, harvesting thousands of Crayfish for the overseas market.  

A short information night can be arranged for inexperienced campers needing to know more?

IMPORTANT:- I accept No responsibility for those people who join us on this event as it is Non Profit making Venture. Campsite fees are minimal or non existing! Dates chosen here DON'T coincide with Long Weekends, Easter or the School Holidays as these are very busy times for us. Owning a 4WD vehicle for this camping trip is an advantage. However, the Itinerary or group can be organised to help those people who don't own a 4WD vehicle. If you need to HIRE a CAMPER TRAILER or TENT to participate please visit our website -

or speak to David via the Blog, writing in the reply box below -

Drive onto the beaches at Wedge Island

Hangover Bay

Lunch and swim at Hangover Bay

Group on Sand dune

Photo time!


The Pinnacles

The turquoise waters off Cervantes

Sandy Cape

A google Earth shot of the wilderness area North of Jurien Bay


The Rock Lobster Shack

Lake Logue Reserve

Secluded bush campsites

Now that is what you call a protected beach. Greenhead.

The crystal clear waters and sand dunes of Sandy Cape

The Stromatolites at Cervantes


Discover new camping spots at Sandy Cape

The boys pose for a shot

Amble-Inn 24 Kms East of Cervantes

Anne & Dennis Amble-Inn

Anne and Dennis are proud to show us Amble Inn

Picturesque Lesueur NP

Lesueur NP

Picnic spot at Lesueur NP


Dave checks the track ahead

Follow this dry river bed to Stockyard Gully Cave

Stockyard Gully Cave NP. One of the Highlights of the trip!

Group 2

The Gang

Stockyard Gully Cave NP


Time to drop the tyre pressure


Lake Indoon Campsite


Time for chat and laughter around the Campfire


  1. The Bavarian
    January 15, 2018

    If I buy 2 AA batteries of you, does that make me a customer? Or should I stay a friend? I am interested in either of the dates. Let me know how I can fit in.

    • David Goulding
      January 16, 2018

      As you are a dear friend Helmut and will always be, you don’t have to purchase the batteries to join us on this camping trip.
      Helmut you have been on all my camping trips except 1. Soon you will be a Honorary Member.

  2. Joy & Peter Mack-Heaven
    January 17, 2018

    Hi David, we are interested in joining you for this short trip. Unfortunately, we can only make it on two of the weekends – either 9th-11th March or 6th-8th April. You mentioned the possibility of camping at Sandy Cape on the Friday night & having a campfire … unless they’ve changed the rules, I don’t think you are allowed to have open fires there. Anyway, looking forward to another great camping trip away with you guys! 🙂 Joy xxx

  3. Joy & Peter Mack-Heaven
    January 19, 2018

    Hi David, as I said in my previous message, Pete & I would definitely like to join you guys on this trip. But unfortunately, there is now only one of the weekends that you have suggested that we can make – that is from 9th to 11th March. I forgot that we are going on a trip out to Jaurdi Station with The 4WD Club of WA at the end of March/beginning of April. Sorry to muck you around! So if you do happen to choose the weekend of 9th-11th March, please count us in. But if one of the other weekends suit the majority, no worries! Cheers, Joy & Pete M-H

    • David Goulding
      January 19, 2018

      Great to hear from Joy, Pete.
      Please keep that March date in mind as I finalise the number of people showing interest in each of the camp dates.
      Living the Dream!

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