Join David on a Camping Trip 18th-20th May along the Indian Ocean Drive

Camping along the Indian Ocean Drive, just 2-3 hours North of Perth.

18-20th May


The boys pose for a shot

Amble-Inn 24 Kms East of Cervantes

Anne & Dennis Amble-Inn

Anne and Dennis are proud to show us Amble Inn

Picturesque Lesueur NP

Drive onto the beaches at Wedge Island

Hangover Bay

Lunch and swim at Hangover Bay

Group on Sand dune

Photo time!


The Pinnacles

The turquoise waters off Cervantes

Sandy Cape

A google Earth shot of the wilderness area North of Jurien Bay


The Rock Lobster Shack

Lake Logue Reserve

Secluded bush campsites

Now that is what you call a protected beach. Greenhead.

The crystal clear waters and sand dunes of Sandy Cape

The Stromatolites at Cervantes


Discover new camping spots at Sandy Cape

Lesueur NP

Picnic spot at Lesueur NP


Dave checks the track ahead

Follow this dry river bed to Stockyard Gully Cave

Stockyard Gully Cave NP. One of the Highlights of the trip!

Group 2

The Gang

Stockyard Gully Cave NP


Time to drop the tyre pressure


Lake Indoon Campsite


Time for chat and laughter around the Campfire


  1. Mat and Jenny Gunner
    May 1, 2018

    Hi Dave
    Mat and Jenny would love to come along but we’ll need to hire one of your Eureka campers as discussed. Just let us know the costs and how / when to pick it up. We have all our own gear and 4WD so will be self sufficient in that regard.
    Cheers Mat

  2. Peter Davenport
    May 7, 2018

    Hi Dave,

    Me and Sheryl would like to come along on the 18th. We would like to ask about the set up of the sun awning – I think there might be a couple of poles missing. We’ll probably have lots of questions as we haven’t been campertrailering or camping for a quite a while. Look forward to picking your brains.


  3. Helmut Hilz
    May 7, 2018

    Hi Dave,
    Would love to be part of the group for the trip. I have travelled the general route you are planing before, but I am surprised about some of the points of interest you are mentioning I wasn’t aware of. I am always ready to see and experience new places. I am a reasonably experienced camper on and off road on my own, but love to be in the company of likeminded people. My contribution to the group, could be taking areal footage and pics of our camp site with my drone. I can download to their laptop if they have one or send via e mail.
    I would like to see the travelers meeting a bit earlier, 8-8:30 at your shop. Just informal getting to know each other, you can start the formal meeting at 9.
    c u soon

  4. Ros
    May 7, 2018

    Hey Dave, Bryan & I are so looking forward to joining you camping again… been much too long although we have been out a number of times with our trailer now & LOVING it!!
    Hopefully Carrie will be joining us this time, not too sure on that one still as she has a lot on. Heaps to catch up on, see you soon 🙂 Ros

  5. David Goulding
    May 7, 2018

    This is great news everybody as we now have a group to go camping with and enjoy each others company. Ros, Bryan, Helmut, and I, (as seasoned Campers who use Camper Trailers) are only too eager to help our new Eureka camper owners, Mat, Peter, Jen, with some useful tips. As well as discovering some great camping spots along the Indian Ocean drive. Stayed tuned for more info coming soon on the Itinerary.
    If you have any questions please feel free to ask anybody in this group.
    Living the Dream!

  6. David Goulding
    May 10, 2018

    Greetings my fellow campers. Here are some useful website links for you to read up on if wanting more info on the places we are going to visit –

    If there is there is a particular feature or location that you want me to include on our camping trip, just leave a message here –
    Living the Dream!

  7. May 11, 2018

    Fellow campers here is a useful map of the area we are visiting if you want to print it off-

  8. David Goulding
    May 13, 2018

    Hi fellow campers.
    We will be leaving from my shop in Balcatta 30 Erindale Rd 8.30am this Friday ( 18-5-18), returning approx. 3-4 pm latest on the Sunday.
    Mat, Jen. You can pickup your hire eureka camper this Thursday from 3pm onwards?
    Things to consider –
    Make sure your camper batteries are fully charged and fridge is working at least a day or two prior to departure in case there is a problem.
    A CB radio is a great idea to take along so you can communicate to other people in the convoy and receive directions.
    As we are going to be visiting and staying at beach campsites, taking personal protection against sandflies is a good idea. I can recommend “Nature’s Botanical” from your local chemist shop. Sand flies maybe non existant but it is a good idea for those people who are magnets to be prepared!
    Remember we are independent campers and need to take everything with us. Hence, please think about a portable toilet for the first night and pop up shelter especially for the ladies. Just remember that the Dept of Parks and Wildlife require that you don’t leave a footprint at their campsites and take everything out with you. This is the case now when visiting Station Stays as well. There are dump stations at small towns along the way for disposal. If you need help purchasing equipment please let me know ASAP as we don’t have much time before departure. Take comfortable walking shoes as we may do an easy walk up to the top of Mt Lesueur approx 1 hr return trip and a torch for Stockyard Gully Cave. I have a lot of equipment available and advice for this trip when the need arises. For example we will be using my communal fire pit, large frypan, grill, and kettle (always left on the boil). For the ladies I am taking my portable instantaneous gas HWS that people are welcome to use for a hot shower. Might as well camp in style don’t you think?
    1st night Tuart Reserve, Cervantes Rd
    2nd night Freshwater Point or Cliffs head depending on number of sites available on the day. Exploring the Indian Ocean Drive is a lot of fun.
    Please feel free to make comments on google or Facebook reviews about my Business or this camping trip as it does help us with getting the word out. Thank you.
    Look forward to your company
    “Living the Dream”

  9. Gareth
    May 13, 2018

    Really excited for this trip! Can’t wait to experience my very first camping trip. Can’t wait to visits all these spots definately going to be a weekend to remember!

  10. Mat Gunner
    May 14, 2018

    Hi David,
    We are really looking forward to this camping weekend as we are keen to see how the Eureka’s go in the real world……..on that note we can’t wait to get our new one when its completed in June. I’ll drop into Balcatta around 3pm to pick up our Eureka Hire unit and we don’t need any other gear as we have the things we need such as an Engel fridge, etc, etc. Also thanks for the tip about a portable loo!
    I also have a Yamaha 2 Kva generator so I can bring that if you think it’s needed………..I think probably not as our stay is only for 2 nights but just let me know if you want me to bring it.

  11. Hazel & Pete
    May 18, 2018

    🙁 cant make it this time. To close to Petes’ Op I think… Keep us up to date

    • David Goulding
      May 21, 2018

      Will do. Hope everything goes well Peter

  12. Mat Gunner
    May 22, 2018

    Hi David
    Thanks for a fantastic weekend visiting our incredible Turquoise Coast near Cervantes, Jurien and Green Head, Jen and I had an awesome time with you and all the other campers. You certainly showed us some fantastic places that we have never seen before and your knowledge/passion about the great outdoors, camping and 4WD’ing is second to none! Thanks also for showing us so many tips to make it such a safe and pleasurable experience, I have been camping and 4WDing for many years now but I still learned a lot from this trip………..I’ll never forget our firewood gathering experience…..haha.
    I have no doubt that Jen and I will be coming on another one of your adventures real soon.

    • David Goulding
      May 26, 2018

      It was my pleasure to have you Mat, Jen, on this camping trip that I enjoyed so much. It’s great having like minded, independent, happy campers in such a friendly group of people. I look forward to sending out a calendar to all my fellow campers offering up dates for other trips I might be offering over the year. Interested in the Landor Races 28th September? I will be stopping there for 2-3 nights on the way to BROOME. Or meeting us Gnylmarung early October?
      I get such a Buzz seeing people enjoy the Offroad camper Trailers that we proudly manufacture in WA

  13. Helmut
    May 23, 2018

    Got back from the Indian Ocean drive last weekend. I was surprised, how David manages to get a group of campers together, that really click as a group. We had some brilliant campfire talks, discussions, cooking and a few tinnis. Including interaction with some backpackers we met at the camp site. Making Musik and have a sing along with them was something I hadn’t experienced for quite a while. David’s open approach to invite those people to our campfire and use it for their cooking as well, is something that’s missing a bit on most camp grounds. As the group was at the start of their trip up north, they got a really good inside and tips from David’s traveling experiences. 4 nationalities around the fire having the time of their life!!
    I ended up supporting David as the tail end Charly, mopping up any stragglers, which wasn’t needed. Having traveled the area before, I was surprised to see some places I hadn’t known before.
    My drone flying and taking pics, I hope, has given some people a momento of this trip.
    See you all on the next one!

    • David Goulding
      May 26, 2018

      Thank you dear Helmut for helping to keep everybody together as our trusted “tail-end-Charlie” whilst in convoy. Your experience as a Drone pilot contributing to many of the great pics taken on our video was very professional.
      I look forward to many more great camping trips with you Helmut.

    • David Goulding
      May 26, 2018

      Landor races 28 September? Or Gnylmarung early October?

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