Station Stays WA: Itinerary

The Wool Wagon Pathway Contact has been made with the various Station Owners to get permission to stay, (camp) and get a list of facilities available.

DAY 1. Vaughan Barndon (3rd Generation owner) – Tallering Station on the Pindar Yuin Rd. He has invited us to make a preliminary visit to check out facilities and learn about its History.   

DAY 2.  Francis has invited us to camp at their Wooleen Station, located on the banks of the Gascoyne River. Shower and toilets available. See

DAY 3. Jody has invited us to camp at Bidgemia Station just 40 km’s south of the Kennedy Ranges.  Shower and toilets available. Their new website is being released in couple of weeks’ time. Will let you know then.   

DAY 4. John & Kylie Kaysha have invited us to camp at Emu Creek Station (formally Nyang) on the banks of the Nyang River. Only 22 km’s from the North West Coastal Hwy. Shower and toilets available. See

DAY 5 & 6. Jane Lefroy the Owner of Ningaloo Station, has given us permission to camp. However, dates will have to be confirmed ASAP to allocate sites because this is a very popular Holiday destination. See

DAY 7.  Trip ends at Ningaloo Station or Exmouth

This Itinerary can change at any time (depending on road conditions etc.) and dates, June – August  are yet to be set. 3x trips will be start from Perth and 3x trips wills start from Exmouth. Stations Stays starting from Exmouth will be simply the reverse order shown here!

Note: It is essential that people who have purchased a new, or used camper, or hired a camper trailer off Camper Trailers WA are fully self- sufficient. Eg. power, water, portable toilet, food, etc., etc.

Can view Map at –

Recommended reading – Gascoyne Murchinson Outback Pathways by Samille Mitchell                          More updates coming soon!

Station Stays WA

This is the Official Launch of Station Stays WA!

Our Aim is to create a Network of Station Stays around Western Australia that people can visit using offroad Camper Trailers and/or the services of a Tour Operator by way of Tag-Along Tours.

By Definition –

Stations are Pastoral Leases leased by the State for 50 years to people who want to raise sheep, cattle, or goats, off the local vegetation. They do not own the Land and are not allowed to clear it. These Stations are normally to the North of our State and are Huge areas of land, quite often in remote regions.

For those people lucky enough to go on one of these tours will see a vast, unique landscape inhabited by station owners living in Homesteads that may even be heritage listed in recognition of Pioneers that settled this Land many years ago, raising a family, living off the land. These warm friendly people invite you to come and experience their way of life and enjoy the sights. At the same time experience the outback and visit various national parks in between each of your Station Stays.

Choose a New, or Used, or Hire Offroad Camper Trailer from Camper Trailers WA as convenient, practical, means of Accommodation at these Stations. Or travel in Luxury in an airconditioned 4WD Toyota Landcruiser series 2, with myOCtour Or simply Tag-Along with the Camper Trailer in tow.

Come and Join us!

The First trip!

We are now actively contacting Stations along the Wool Wagon Pathway from Geraldton to Exmouth via the Murchinson Settlement, and Gascoyne Junction. There will be approx. 6x trips at different times between late June and August. 3x Geraldton – Exmouth, and 3x Exmouth – Geraldton. Duration approx. 6x nights one way.

Watch this Space for more details, coming soon!

RedTrack Camping Trip 2011

The Annual July Northwest Trip in my 2011 Redtrack Camper Trailer. July 2011.

Left Perth 25th July for Ningaloo Station just South of Exmouth. Weather was fantastic and it was great to catch up with Ray, Petulla and friends in their campers. I was lazy as I didn’t put up my awning because I was only there for 3 nights. The tranquil ocean views and crystal clear waters were uplifting for the soul!

The Station owner Phil Lefroy pointed out to me that he has won the fight to keep his property Lease in tack for years to come. What great news, knowing that we can still camp in this magnificent area of our country. After catching a couple of good size snapper off the beach, storing them in the freezer in the back of my car, I headed off to the Karratha show the following day.

The Show was a huge success with everybody being so friendly as usual and the new Oval Location a winner for the exhibitors.

With business now out of the way and one of my best friends flying into Karratha to pick up supplies, we headed off to Mundabullangana Station. A privilege given to us by David, Michael, Thelma and Sue Thompson (the station owners). We stayed the night at the Homestead, only to be greeted with a cold beer and food late in the day! (more…)

RedTrack Camping Trip 2010

David, Terry and Tony go camping up North in the New RedTrack Camper Trailer. 

We catch more than enough fish for our dinner each day and snorkel around to explore the coral just off the beach at Ningaloo Reef. We gather around the old camp fire each night with friends to keep warm and have a few beers. We then headed up to Karratha for what was a very successful show, meeting new Customers.

Thank you to Michael and David Thompson for inviting us to stay at Munda Station, just up the road. To experience their hospitality, station life, the views and great fishing at the Mouth to the Mangrove Creek was a privilege. Left as pristine as when we first saw it! Then heading South to show Terry and Tony the spectacular views of Karrinjini National Park for the very first time.

The 100m + deep Gorges are a photographers dream and beckon the adventurer to trek down, deep inside. Then homeward bound with a short stop off at the Tom Price Show to display the camper for the last time. A lot of fun with many pictures taken to help with our memories.

You can NOW VIEW the New RedTrack Camper Trailer in the comfort of our shop. However, keep an eye on the dates for when this Camper leaves for a Show near you! David is more than happy to help with questions  such as, what was it like traveling the very rough roads, dust sealing, how fast was it to erect, how long did the batteries last etc, etc.