2 night, 3 day, Discovery Camping Tours this spring, approx. 3 hours from Perth

Camping along the Indian Ocean Drive, just 2 hours North of Perth

Welcome fellow campers to our Blog where I am introducing you to a spectacular drive, discovering great camping spots along the way. Below are some pictures taken recently along the way. The philosphy behind my camping trips is quite simple. To get away from the crowds, cars, towns, and caravan parks, viewing ocean settings, great National Parks, and camp in tranquil bush settings. We will all be "Independent Campers" taken along all our own camping equipment, campers, food and water. Don't forget I am there to help you with ALL your needs. To make it simple, easy, and memorable, with lots of fun. You will have lots of questions for me so just reply in the comments box at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

This Blog is a work in progress. Dates available in October 13th - 15th, 20th -22nd, 27th - 29th. RSVP by 1st Sept

To start, here is a rough Itinerary with a more detailed one to come soon -

Friday: Depart 9am stoping at Wedge Island, Hangover Bay (Opposite the Pinnacles to have Lunch), Tour of the Rock Lobster Shack (maybe purchase a Rock Lobster for our first meal around the Campfire?), visit Jurien Bay, Sandy Cape Camp Ground.

Two Camp Grounds to choose from for the first night:- Sandy Cape (a Beautiful Bay just North of Jurien Bay Township) OR Tuart Reserve ( a very nice Bush setting away from everybody, South East of Jurien Bay)? Everybody to gather around our Campfire to cook Crayfish or on a traditional Aussie BBQ.

Saturday: Break Camp 9am. Lesuer National Park (there should be Wild Flowers everywhere at time of the year!), a 1/2 hr leisurely stroll up to Mount Lesueur, 1/2 trek to Stockyard Gully Cave National Park (Lunch), make camp at Lake Indoon with plenty of time to explore the lake.

Sunday: Lake Indoon. Break Camp 9am. Choose from sandboarding the huge sand dunes of Lancelin or canoeing Moore river in Guilderton. Lunch then head for home.

NOTE: The idea of the 1/2hr Rock Lobster Shack Tour will only happen if there is consensus amonst the group, as we are suppose to be getting away from the crowds. But it maybe of interest because it is an Industry that is so important to the prosperity of the local town of Cervantes, harvesting thousands of Crayfish for the overseas market. If most people haven't seen the Pinnacles then we can include it in this Itinerary?

THE COST:- $100 per person, per day, to Tag a Long with your own Camper or tent. No charges will apply to Camp each night!

                         If you are going to hire one of our camper trailers then this charge will be discounted by 50%

                         Please refer to our Hire Camper Rates on this website. The three day weekend rate applies and Campers are subject to availability. Just remember Spring is a busy time for camping so secure a Camper ASAP if needed for this Camping Trip.

Camping with Camper Trailers WA

Drive onto the beaches at Wedge Island

Hangover Bay

Lunch and swim at Hangover Bay

Group on Sand dune

Photo time!


Discover new camping spots near Sandy Cape


The Pinnacles

Sandy Cape

A google Earth shot of the wilderness area North of Jurien Bay


Dave ready to collect firewood to store on top of the camper


The Rock Lobster Shack

Lake Logue Reserve

Secluded bush campsite


Our Campfire

Lesueur NP

Picnic spot at Lesueur NP


A view over Lesueur NP



Anne & Dennis Amble-Inn

Anne and Dennis Stockyard Gully Cave NP

Stockyard Gully Cave NP

Anne and Dennis Stockyard Gully Cave NP

The Cave

Time to contemplate

Group 2

The Gang

Stockyard Gully Cave NP


Lake Indoon Campsite


Entrance to Lake Indoon


Time to drop the tyre pressure


  1. David Goulding
    August 8, 2017

    Place your questions in the box below my fellow campers…………………………………………………

    Soon to be –

    Living the Dream!

    In Spring!

  2. Kim Luttrell
    August 10, 2017

    Hi David….We would like to join you…living the dream on one of your weekends in October…Can you book us in…2 people…but we don’t have a suitable vehicle…so we would consider it a privelege to be able to travel in the vehicle with you so we can hear first hand your wealth of information as we travel along….Do you have any spaces for either of the two later departures in October?…
    Just wondering what the overnight accomodation arrangements would be if we are travelling with you? My husband is very happy to sleep with you as he s done on previous occasions??!!
    We look forward to hearing from you
    Kim and Tony xxxx……Hahaha……Serious about booking tho…!!

    • David Goulding
      August 20, 2017

      Hi Kim
      Sorry I haven’t got back to you sooner. Only just getting over the Flu now. Can you confirm with me now which of these weekends suits you best –
      13th, 20th, 27th October? The earlier dates will be better as it gets warmer that time of year. I will have room in my car for the both of you. I have a Camper available for Jack and Chloe if they are still interested? If so I will come back with a confirmed price!
      I sent a message to you via Messenger but not sure if you received it?

  3. Helmut Hilz
    August 10, 2017

    Hi Dave,
    First of all, thanks again for the driving tipps to get me out of a sandy bogg on our recent trip.
    Just saw your proposed 3 day 2 night trips in Oktober and I am interested in joining the 2nd or 3rd weekend. Are you planing on stopping over at Lesueur National park? I have been there and it is a drive to the almost top overlooking natural bush, very undulating country. From the parking area one can walk right up to the top. Since I missed out on that walk, I would like to do it if you are going past. It’s on the way to Stockyard Gully. Have been reading up on Stockyard Gully, Natural enclosure on 3 sides, used by drovers driving cattle from the north towards Perth as a rest and feeding come watering spot. It has an open ended cave about 250meters long and up to 5-6 meters hight and no crawling required. All surrounded by natural bush. Only accesable by 4×4.
    Would you mind if I bring my drone for video and pics? I now have goggles you can wear whilst I fly the thing and you get a pilots view.
    Amazing to see our country from 400 feet up.
    Looking forward to a yarn by the fire, let me know which weekend is available.
    Take care

  4. Ros Mather
    August 11, 2017

    This sounds fabulous Dave. Bryan and I are definitely up for it, 13-15 Oct is our pick and Helmut, we’d love to do your suggestions which also sound brilliant! The cave sounds amazing 🙂 Looking forward to it…

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