Specs for the Custom built trailer for Mr/Mrs______________
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Full Name____________________
Mb. _________________________
Delivery date of trailer___________________
Price incl GST and 12 months License________________

Customers Tow Vehicle – year, make, model, rim and tyre size
Trailer to have same wheels as tow vehicle or different –
Spare wheel holder position- on drawbar or under chassis
Zinc anneal sheet or
Black steel sheet or
Fully hot Dipped Galvanized
Length –
Width –
Depth –
How many doors or lids required and where –
Type of locks required on the doors –
Drawbar length and RHS size –
Box on Drawbar, lockable and dust sealed –
Solid Axle rating and leaf springs – 1 tonne, 1 1/4 tonne, 1 1/2 tonne, or 2 tonne (Australian made)
Brakes – Hydraulic drums or Discs (Australian made)
RHS Chassis 50x50x2.5 or angle Iron 50×4 black steel or duragal
No of Jerry can holders, on drawbar, passenger side or driver side –
No of 9kg or 4 kg gas cylinders and position –
70L, 85L, 110L water tank under rear of chassis with filler and mechanical pump
2x Wind down Stabiliser legs at rear
No of tie down points –
Stone guard –
Treg poly block coupling or normal ball hitch –
Paintwork – silver hammer tone recommended!
Racks over bodywork and how many –
RHS Slot welded at rear of chassis to take customers bike rack or tongue-
Canvas top to be laced around sides of trailer with 4x zip-able sides
Winch post on drawbar including manual winch
Battery pack, switches and/or lights