A Family Camping Trip to Sandy Cape 2nd-4th November 2 hours North. Quality time with your kids this summer. Get Dave for free!

Lets get a Group of Families together Camping at Sandy Cape. Then Dave will be there to help set up and show you all the best places.

Welcome to all my Neighbours and Fellow campers. Here is a link to help you with information on our Great Camping Spot - Sandy Cape           https://www.dandaragan.wa.gov.au/

The cost is approx. $20 per night per family. There a drop toilets. I will be accommodating the ladies with one of my portable shower set ups using a portable instantaneous gas hot water system.

I have been a passionate camper for most of my life and feel very lucky to be able to share with you all one of the many fantastic camping locations in Western Australia. I will be there to help you. However, we will have a short get together on a Sunday afternoon a week prior to help with preparation and with any questions you may have.

I am conscious of the costs of raising family and hope that my price of $350 for the Hire Camper Trailer for the weekend is money well spent (normal price $390-$490). My own boys Ross and Luke have many memories of our great family camping trips over the years. If you involve your kids in the set up of your campsite it will also serve to make them more independent minded. Be warned though, they might want to go camping again the following week.

We will be stoping at Wedge Island on the way with a lunch/toilet stop at Hangover Bay. Then we head for Sandy cape to set up the campers. After Breakfast and consensus the following day I will take you to either Lesueur NP or Stockyard Gully Cave or both. The kids will love the Cave (if they bring a Torch!). It is Very safe and easily walkable, 300M long. A highlight for the kids!

Please feel free to invite your friends or family. We will be limited to 10 families/cars/campers. Hence, I will be monitoring this blog on my website for numbers so I don't disappoint anyone. 

Just leave a comment or question in the reply box below and Dave will get back to you ASAP

Lets meet at the shop on Friday morning to start on our Camping Adventure.
Your Hire Camper Trailer.
Dave showing you the way at Lesueur NP
The kids will love this Cave. Bring your torches!
A family of Happy Campers!

Landor Bush Races (Friday 28 September – Monday 1 October)

Lets enjoy Camping as a group in the Outback for at least 3 nights. At the same time experience real station life and Hospitality at the Landor Races. Basic Toilets and Showers available.  Lots of entertainment with gambling Friday night, public bar and BBQ, the races on 3 days, and a ball on the Saturday night. Lots of fun. No need to drink and drive, just stumble back to the comfort of your own camper and community fire.


  1. Leave Perth Thursday 27th Sept 8.30pm
  2. Camp overnight in the Bush to brake up the trip on the way to Landor Races. Location to be confirmed in the Murchinson Area
  3. Friday and Saturday nights at our own campsite in the public camping area on Landor Station, not far from the race track.
  4. OPTIONAL, Sunday night for those that want to stay longer.
REGISTER YOUR INTEREST via email to Dave at - david.goulding@campertrailerswa.com NO CHARGE to friends, and customers who own or hire my Eureka and Cavalier Campers MORE INFORMATION TO COME SOON.

Landor Races

The Landor Races are an annual event held at the racecourse which is currently 22 miles (35 km) north of the homestead (-24.93912, 116.97845). Originally the racecourse was located about half a mile from the homestead. The racecourse has its own airstrip, stables, water and electricity supply, dancehall, dining room and grandstand. The public campsite that is adjacent to the course has its own toilet and shower facilities. Races are held on the first weekend in October which coincide with the school holidays. The races were first held in 1921 when stockmen from stations in the area such as Mount Augustus, Milgun, Mount Seabrook and Erravilla held a race to find who had the fastest horse on their day off. The races have been held almost continuously ever since, with races not being held for several years during World War II. No starting gates exist, all races are walk up starts.

Landor Station

The station is situated approximately 130 miles (209 km) by air north west of Meekatharra.[1] The distance by road is considerably longer, 236 miles (380 km), via the Great Northern Highway.[2] The station occupies an area of 3,504 square kilometres (1,353 sq mi) and has double frontage to Gascoyne River, Landor Creek and Aurila Creek over a total distance of over 200 kilometres (124 mi) with the property mostly composed of flood plain country. Well grassed with Buffel, saltbush, bluebush and cotton bush and other vegetation including Mulga, Acacia and Currara.[3] The property was established prior to 1925 as a cattle station, but then swapped to sheep. Approximately 12,00 sheep were shorn in 1925 with numbers increasing to 40,000 in 1926 and 5,000 in 1927.[4] In 1998 the 4,050 square kilometres (1,564 sq mi) property was acquired by Richie Brennan from Malcolm Landor or Landor Station is a pastoral lease and sheep station located in the Gascoyne McCusker. In 2013 Brennan had reported that cattle worth A$500,000 had been stolen from the property over the last decade.

Indian Ocean Drive, Free Camping Trip 2 Nights/3 Days 2 Hours North. Its time to see the wild flowers this Spring14th-16th September.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally invite Ric and Sarah, Beth and Jeremy to join us on our short adventure up the Indian Ocean Drive on the 14-16th September. Lets say Good bye to Winter and enjoy the wild flowers this coming Spring. Also, we will be able to sit around a Camp fire enjoying drinks and each others company. Its not long after this date that the Fire Bans come into place.
We will be leaving from my shop in Balcatta 30 Erindale Rd 8.00am on the Friday returning approx. 3-4 pm on the Sunday.

There is NO charge to my customers wanting to tag-a-long if Hiring one of my Camper Trailers.

To my Loyal customers who have purchased a Cavalier or Eureka Camper Trailer from me, please join us at No charge, as I would love the opportunity to catch up for a yarn.

I will organise pick up times for Hire campers and an information session sometime soon.
Things to consider –
Make sure your camper batteries are fully charged and fridge is working at least a day or two prior to departure in case there is a problem.
A CB radio is a great idea to take along so you can communicate to other people in the convoy and receive directions.
As we are going to be visiting and staying at beach campsites, taking personal protection against sand flies is a good idea. I can recommend “Nature’s Botanical” from your local chemist shop. Sand flies maybe non existent but it is a good idea for those people who are magnets to be prepared!
Remember we are independent campers and need to take everything with us. Hence, please think about a portable toilet for the first night and pop up shelter especially for the ladies. Just remember that the Dept of Parks and Wildlife require that you don’t leave a footprint at their campsites and take everything out with you. This is the case now when visiting Station Stays as well. There are dump stations at small towns along the way for disposal. If you need help purchasing equipment please let me know ASAP as we don’t have much time before departure. Take comfortable walking shoes as we may do an easy walk up to the top of Mt Lesueur approx 1 hr return trip and a torch for Stockyard Gully Cave. I have a lot of equipment available and advice for this trip when the need arises. For example we will be using my communal fire pit, large frypan, grill, and kettle (always left on the boil). For the ladies I am taking my portable instantaneous gas HWS that people are welcome to use for a hot shower. Might as well camp in style don’t you think?

1st night Tuart Reserve, Cervantes Rd ( this may change as I continually discover more Great Locations)
2nd night Our Secret Spot near Cliffs Head. Exploring the Indian Ocean Drive is a lot of fun.

Please feel free to make comments in the Reply box below or confirm your Booking of our Eureka or Cavalier/Fortescue Camper. I will then get back to you ASAP to get a deposit and answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to invite any of your friends that are like minded Campers.

Wedge Island, our first stop

Hangover Bay for Lunch on the first Day. Great BBQ and Toilet facilities

The Cervantes Lookout overlooking one of many islands off the Indian Ocean Drive

Tuart Reserve is a free camp site, a great spot for our First night.

Its not camping unless you have a Campfire. A great way to get people to come together.

Stromatilites, one of the oldest living organisms on Earth.

Dynamite Bay, Greenhead. A naturally protected swimming spot for a quick dip.

Lets call in and say hi to some of the Local Farmers

An easy drive on the way to Lasueur NP

Lasueur NP should be ablaze with Wildflowers this Spring.

Stockyard Gully Cave is safe and a lot of fun. Bring your torches.

Living the Dream!

Camping at our secret spot on the second night in a protected, calm bay.

Lake Indoon. Checkout where the Local Farmers Camp.

Sandy Cape is a favourite with Families when Camping.

Chemical Toilet or Bucket Toilet or Jimmys Thunder Box for our first night camping?

Rik Demonstrates how to use the Chemical Toilet.  However, he chose the Bucket Toilet with the bags shown here for simplicity.

Jimmys Thunder Box is what I purchased because it can easily be folded up flat and used with biodegradable bags.

Purchased from Go Camping on Erindale Rd Balcatta

I will be making this Portable Hot Water Shower available for everybody, with a pop up Shower tent. Ladies first!

Just fill up a bucket of water from your own camper and bring it over to this shower.

For those that haven't viewed this short video of my last Indian Ocean Drive Tour Group please click here -

Cavalier Super Deluxe Offroad coil spring suspension $8990

Top of the Cavalier Camper Range and Made in WA. This Camper New was $20 000+ Now dropped to $8990


  • 14 ft Long Canvas Extension makes this camper ideal for large families.
  • 15 oz Heavy Duty, Australian made WCT canvas all over. Will last for a long time and is totally water proof.
  • Gaffa Independent coil spring suspension rated to 1 1/2 T and made in WA by Martins Trailer Parts. With shock absorbers.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Stoneguard
  • Extra Full Canvas annexe, (not shown here).
  • Huge front box, sealed and lockable, can take 4x Jerry can holders + 2x 40L Engel fridges.
  • 3x sealed, lockable, tool boxes on sides of the trailer. One with 2x 4Kg gas Cylinders
  • Stainless steel kitchen with sink and pump
  • Trailer is made from 1.6mm thick Zinc Anneal sheet
  • TREG rubber block hitch
  • Gas Strutted, swing over boat loader
  • POA $$

Make an appointment with David to view this Quality built, WA made Off road Camper.

Join David on a Camping Trip 18th-20th May along the Indian Ocean Drive


Camping along the Indian Ocean Drive, just 2-3 hours North of Perth.

18-20th May


The boys pose for a shot

Amble-Inn 24 Kms East of Cervantes

Anne & Dennis Amble-Inn

Anne and Dennis are proud to show us Amble Inn

Picturesque Lesueur NP

Drive onto the beaches at Wedge Island

Hangover Bay

Lunch and swim at Hangover Bay

Group on Sand dune

Photo time!


The Pinnacles

The turquoise waters off Cervantes

Sandy Cape

A google Earth shot of the wilderness area North of Jurien Bay


The Rock Lobster Shack

Lake Logue Reserve

Secluded bush campsites

Now that is what you call a protected beach. Greenhead.

The crystal clear waters and sand dunes of Sandy Cape

The Stromatolites at Cervantes


Discover new camping spots at Sandy Cape

Lesueur NP

Picnic spot at Lesueur NP


Dave checks the track ahead

Follow this dry river bed to Stockyard Gully Cave

Stockyard Gully Cave NP. One of the Highlights of the trip!

Group 2

The Gang

Stockyard Gully Cave NP


Time to drop the tyre pressure


Lake Indoon Campsite


Time for chat and laughter around the Campfire

2016 Eureka Camper, Dropped to $24990 for a quick sale. Coming in soon. Speak to Dave

2016 Eureka Offroad Camper. Make an appointment with David for a demonstration today.

This Well known Quality WA made Camper is hard to find as people hang onto them for a long period of time. Brought to you by the same people who have manufactured an Aussie Icon for nearly 40 Years - Cavalier Camper Trailers

This Camper is completely dust sealed, erects in seconds with just one person, and will go anywhere Offroad.

SAVE $13000 on the NEW PRICE as this camper comes with a Pantry and Sun Awning.

In Good condition. 

Ask for a DEMO today and see how it erects in just 2 minutes with the winch.


View our Eureka Camper erected on video here https://youtu.be/ComXa4nhCSs